Friday, February 2, 2018

rice krispie treats

During the rice krispy treat lab, I made some yummy treats. To help make the treats I got all of the ingredients and followed directions. I really appreciate my team members because they all were very helpful and fun to work with. Next time i would like to try making another rice krispy treat recipe. Some of the cooking skills i used were how to measure food conveniently stir the food. I could improve on not having to keep tying my hair back constantly. I did very well at making sure everyone was doing their job. My fellow oscar cleaned up for the whole team out of generosity. I was most helpful to my team when I made sure all of the measurements of food were correct.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

a message of confusion...4/5/17

In chapter two, Clay Jensen a boy who used to work with Hannah, finds a package with his name on it layed out on his bed, and is excited to open it. When Clay opens the box he sees Hannahs tapes and decides to go to his garage and play the first tape on his dads tape player. Clay is very surprised and confused when he hears Hannah Baker's voice on the tapes because when she explains the rules he wonders why he would be a reason that she commited suicide.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

thirteen reasons why... 4/4/17

Tonight I have started reading Thirteen Reasons Why, a book by Jay Asher. It starts out when our narrator mails out a secret package to someone named Jenny. The package contains the suicide note of Hannah Baker. In the suicide note there is seven tapes with thirteen stories. She tells her listeners that each of them are responsible for her death in some way. This book is probably my favorite book at the moment because I enjoy its mystery and suspense.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Giver movie is better than the book! (550 words)

I think that the Giver movie is better instead of the Giver book! Most of the time, I would say that the book is better because of the description of words and creative imagination involved, but in this case I feel like the movie definitely stood on top of the book. First, the main characters were sixteen years old instead of twelve, there were many great differences the movie had that the book did not, and lastly the movie had good tension and action that made it exciting and suspenseful to watch.
My first reason is because in the movie the main characters were sixteen instead of twelve in the book. This difference was positive mostly because of Jonas and Fiona's relationship. If there is a teenage actor or character in a book or movie it usually will bring up love. In The Giver movie Jonas has a love interest for Fiona. This relationship added another favorable component to the story.
My second reason states that there were many great differences the movie had that the book did not. One difference is that in the movie all The Giver had to do is grab a hold of Jonas’ wrists to transport memories. Where in the book he has to put his hands on Jonas’ back. This isn't quite a big difference, but it's less of an awkward situation in the movie, than in the book. To add on, I really like how in the end of the movie it showed how all of the colors were returned to the people of the community, it showed hope. Also, in the movie, the assignments of Asher and Fiona, Jonas’ two best friends, are completely different. Asher is chosen as a Drone Pilot while Fiona becomes a Nurturer for the babies. These are better assignments for them because it causes the end of the book to have more connections between all of them. For example, since Fiona is working as the nurturer of  babies, Gabriel is there, so when Jonas wants to escape Fiona helps him by giving Gabriel to Jonas so they can escape together. Also, since Asher is the Drone Pilot he has to “finish” Jonas when he finds him. Instead he helps Jonas by saying he's finished when really he's still alive. All of the connections make the movie better then the book.
My third and final reason why the movie is better than the book is that the movie has more action and tension then the book. First, the chief elder in the movie is a lot more dramatic than in the book. Her attitude makes her seem like the villain of the book and causes a much greater conflict between her and Jonas. Next, I thought the scene of Jonas on the motorcycle being chased by the cops was very exciting, especially when Jonas flies over the boundary's edge. Lastly, the visuals of memories in the movie were captivating and action filled, and I didn't grasp as much out of the book's description of them.
In conclusion, my opinion is that The Givers movie is better compared to the book. The main character's ages are older, there were many great differences the movie had that the book did not, and finally the movie added more tension and action.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A lifetime full of tales

A lifetime full of tales

“Hey, how are you doing, Grandma!” I said. “Good, I'm excited for you to interview me!”, she shared excitedly. “Well, okay let's get started”.
We were sitting on the living room couch at about six o'clock in the evening. We had both had a long day so we were a little clumsy but still had a good amount of energy to complete the interview. In the background my mom was cooking up dinner, and the smell of vegetable soup filled the air. My dog, a little black yorkie poodle, Java, was interrupting us with a large amount of high pitched barking, and it was hard to focus. I got out my phone to record, pencils, a notebook, and was all ready to start the process.
I chose to interview my grandma Margie because she is such an interesting person. Her light shines so brightly with a fun, and loving attitude. We also have a strong relationship, and it's nice to talk to her because we always get into great conversations.
My grandma is very young for her age, and has a warming smile. She wears unique outfits, and is definitely a fashionista. Her voice is sweet but strong, and she uses articulate speech. It's fun to be around her because she has a cool personality. She grew up in Missouri until the age of five, and San Fernando Valley until she was in her twenties. In 1962 she relocated to the Central Coast to raise her children, and has been in the area ever since then! My grandma is a wonderfully musical person. She is a beautiful singer and piano player. She has taught music and piano to the community for over 25 years. She enjoys spending time with friends, and being active.
“What was school like in your childhood?” she thought for a moment before answering.
“I went to a combined junior and senior high school and mostly spent time in musical theatre, piano, and singing in a children's choir.” She took a slight pause then continued her ideas. “There were good, intelligent teachers, and then there were boring or strict teachers that would just sit back and do basically nothing”.
“Was there any homework at your school?” I asked curiously.
“There was homework but not as much as now as you do now, we had many projects to turn in and I usually got good grades.”  
“How was technology back in the days?” I questioned, and she sent a response back pretty quickly.
“There were typewriters, telephones, records, and radios when I was in my young years.” She took a breath and continued talking. “Televisions were created when I was in about junior high, but no one really talked much about the word technology, because it wasn't evolved enough back then.”
“Did you get a television, or when did you get one?” I asked.
“My family didn't have a television as I was growing up, because we didn't have an interest to have one.” We were on to our next question!
“What were some cool trends or things to do in the past?” She thought, then carried on with her answer…. “In my town, going cruising in low riders with guys was a cool thing to do, especially because the low riders were made to look real classy.”
“What were the trendiest clothes people used to wear?” I questioned.
“The most popular clothes were either bohemian clothing which is what I liked to wear, or the “beet nick look” type of clothing. Also, the guys usually wore tight, white t-shirts, and jeans” she said.
“Who was the person who influenced your life the most through your adolescent years?”
“My parents were very supportive and loving of course through my adolescent years, but the one person that influenced my life the most was probably my brother, Richard, a scholar. I looked up to my brother a lot as I was growing up.” “What did your brother Richard introduce you to?” I was interested in hearing more about this.
“He introduced me to many things that i've loved for all of my life. For example, he introduced me to many great books, plays, musical theater, and sophisticated music.”
“What school activities did you take part in?”
“I took part in music and theater activities, and wasn't interested in sports much at all. I also was involved in student body and was president of my middle school.”
“What types of jobs and community service did you do growing up?”
“My first job was babysitting, and I worked at JC Penney's as a teenager. I was in a church group that sang at elders homes, and played piano for my church. Lastly, I modeled for many clothing stores, and runway modeling too.”
I learned more deeply that she must have passed down a musical talent to the next generations of our family because all of her children have musical talents, and my sister and I do as well. I also have gained knowledge about her life when she was my age, and about our family history too. I'm glad I chose my grandma Margie for this assignment because we are already in a closer relationship!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

More about vetranarians ...... 12/1/16

Tonight i'm talking about what a veterinarian does at work! Vetranarians do a lot at work and their jobs can be difficult. At the Vet a vetranarian can preform many surgerys on any animal. Some common surgeries are soft tissue surgery, cardiovascular surgery, and orthopedics. Vetranarians also can diagnose any disease with their training. When many people coming in to see the vetranarian the vet also can advise people on their pets and health. Vets also vaccinate animals mostly dogs and cats everyday. Vets also do x-rays, ultrasound, and blood and urine tests. A vet is basically like a doctor for animals and simply helps you with your health. I think vetranarians are important because animals can't talk and because of that it's amazing that all vets can tell exactly what's going on and how to fix it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"A dogs best friend" ......... 11/30/16

 Veterinarians are very important sense now days we have so many pets. But I always wonder what veterinarians really do in their job, I also wonder how they got there.  veterinarians have to  have so much skill to do what they do,  for example like  diagnosing illnesses in animals. And after diagnosis A veterinarians can treat animals with medicine or surgery and they can also prescribe medicine.  most veterinarians work on dogs, cats, birds, and gerbils. So how did they get there? Veterinarians have to go through 4 years of classroom, labrotory, and clinical components. Most veterinarians start out with a bachelors degree of science from university's, and by the time that they are done then they are allowed to start their job as a veterinarian at a clinic.

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